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Spring 2020

Written by Lucia Chiarla

Primavera Duemilaventi - Excerpts
Online shopping
Va' pensiero
On the road


Spring 2020. Lockdown. Ben lives in Berlin. His father Giovanni is alone in Italy. Ben convinces him to at least meet online. Giovanni struggles to find the keys to turn on the camera, but Ben is patient, and the two start calling each other regularly.  Ben scolds Giovanni when he wants to join a friend to play cards. Giovanni tries to help Ben with his problems at work with old proverbs. Of course those don't help Ben, but make time pass. One day when Giovanni forgets to switch off the online-call, Ben overhears him talking to Tatjana. She is the nurse of Ukrainian origins who took care of his mother before she died. Giovanni is preparing the documents to marry her. Upset by this discovery, Ben reacts violently. Influenced by typical cliches about Eastern European women, Ben warns his father, describing Tatjana as a social climber, ready to marry an old man just for the inheritance. The father-son relationship threatens to break down. But his father doesn' want to give up on love...


-German film critics Award FIPRESCI - Filmkunstfest MV 2021

-DEFA Foudation Award - Filmkunstfest MV 2021


Technical Details


Writer: Lucia Chiarla

Director: Primavera Collective ( Brogi, Di Stefano, Noack )

Editor: Jnka Palombi

DoP: Ralf Noack 

Music: Michele Balduzzi and Rainer Oleak               

Colourist: Veerle Zeelmaekers

Poster Design: Carlotta Origoni

Producer: Lucia Chiarla

Creative Producer: Claudine Castay

Production: Primavera Productions

Coproduktion: Ton Büro und We Electric

German Distributor: MissingFilms

Cast: Beniamino Brogi and Sandro Di Stefano

Year: 2021

Production Countries: Germany

Runtime: 82 min

Original Language: Italian, German

Subtitles: English. German

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